NOT THIS!: The Cost of Fleeing Your Call

Lisa Capozzoli

All of us are willing to follow God — up to a point. We’ll go to church, even if it doesn’t always thrill us. We’ll strive to be good people, even if it takes a stretch. We’ll try to understand God’s purposes, even if they confuse us. But there is a limit to this. There are just certain places, or people, or ways of thinking and doing to which we will not go. Even if God audibly said to us, “I want you to go there,” we’d frankly respond: “No, God. NOT THAT!” The prophet, Jonah, was a person like us, and the story of what God did with this reluctant soul demonstrates the breakthroughs some of us need to move to the next level of faith, character and influence.

Jonah 1:4-2:10